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March 2020
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Westminster Conference explores ‘The Puritan Experiment’

The recent Westminster Conference — mainly devoted to the study of historical theology, with special reference to the Puritan era and lessons for today — met, as usual, in the convenient and comfortable Salvation Army’s Regent Hall in Oxford Street, London. About 100 men and women were present for each of the six sessions.…

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February 2019
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Westminster Conference 2018

December 4-5 witnessed two days of excellent ministry at Regent Hall, London. Six papers were read on a variety of subjects. Paul Wells opened with a treatment of Amyraldism. He analysed Amyraldism in conflict as well as the nature of the divine decree and election. It was a technical, balanced paper prompting helpful discussion.…

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Where Reason Fails (2006 Westminster Conference papers)

This annual conference in London, dating back to the early 50s, originally under the leadership of Martyn Lloyd-Jones and J. I. Packer, focuses on theology and history with special reference to the Puritans. Robert Letham dealt with ‘John Owen’s doctrine of the Trinity and its significance for today’, making two main points – firstly,…

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