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July 2020
Reviews > Book

Worship or Entertainment?

Have you ever given serious thought to the principles behind what you sing? This is the challenge which Peter Masters issues in this revised and condensed edition of his well-known title, Worship in the Melting Pot. Written at a popular level, the book encourages its readers to move beyond proof texts to a more thorough…

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February 2020
Articles > Ecclesiological & Pastoral

Orderly worship as a witness to the world

Walking into an unsupervised toddler nursery is enough to overwhelm most people. It’s chaos. The children might be screaming, fighting, throwing toys, holding their hands over their ears, or doing any number of other things all at once. Children need unstructured play time or ‘free play’ for their development, so it’s not necessarily a…

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April 2019
News > Church news

CofE Sunday Services no longer compulsory

Weekly Sunday services will no longer be compulsory for Anglican churches after a vote by the Church of England’s ruling body. The General Synod voted to end the law – dating back to 1603 – which required priests to hold a Sunday service in every church they looked after. The change was proposed by…

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September 2017
Articles > Historical > Uncategorised

50 challenging years

Over 1967-2017, confessional evangelical Christianity in Britain has faced some significant challenges. Here are six of them: 1) The so-called ‘New Perspective’ on the teaching of the apostle Paul. In a book entitled Paul and Palestinian Judaism by Ed Sanders, which appeared 40 years ago, the thesis was promoted that the Jews of Pauline…

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November 2000
Articles > Biblical/theological

Meditating on God

In our hectic and exacting lifestyle today, an oft-neglected privilege and duty is that of prayerful meditation on the Lord and his Word. A fruitful time of meditation, reading the Word and seeking the Lord, is needful for a healthy spiritual life. Christian meditation is a holy exercise of the mind, by which we…

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July 2000
Articles > Ecclesiological & Pastoral

Bringing our neighbour

Society today knows little of the gospel. Churches are seen as places for weddings and funerals. Many think that the regular church services cater mainly for the elderly and feature obscure rituals and boring preaching. Nevertheless, we have a mission-field next door. A Christian may be the only resident in his street who attends…

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September 1999
Articles > Guest column

Children in Church

So often we seem to be at two extremes in our approach to children in church. On the one hand the church service is conducted as a kind of mini children’s circus. The whole event appears to be centred on them. The singings are suitably chosen and the preacher demonstrates that if he hadn’t…

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