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October 2020
News > Media

Morningstar Wycliffe film in production

Production company Trinity Digital are continuing work on Morningstar, a documentary about 14th-century Bible translator John Wycliffe. The film combines interviews with historians as well as dramatic recreations of events from Wycliffe’s life. Interviews have been recorded ahead of the dramatised scenes due to be shot next year. Location filming in key sites such…

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June 2019
News > International

Kenya: Bible translation pledge

The Deputy President of Kenya, Dr William Ruto, has pledged that the government of Kenya will stand shoulder to shoulder with Bible translators ‘until every citizen of this country will read the Word of God in their mother tongue’. This promise came during a speech he gave in April, in Kilifi, to celebrate the…

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March 1998
Articles > Historical

Full circle

Last month we drove in imagination down the M1 passing junction 21. Noting the sign ‘River Swift’ on the motorway embankment, we reminisced as we looked back to the fourteenth century, to see a great man of God whose pioneering work was so influential that he was called the ‘Morning Star of the Reformation’.…

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