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God’s Word and Your Life

God’s Word and Your Life
Jacqueline Pountney
25 June, 2017 1 min read

This comes from Christian Focus’ CF4.K range. The small print on the back cover gives an age range of ‘Read to me: 6-8’ or ‘Read by myself: 8-12’. I would say it is ideal for those aged 11-plus. The principles in the book are pertinent to those younger, but as a tool for understanding the topics covered it is more useful for an older child or teenager.

It is clearly written and attractively laid out. The author covers these topics: social media, money, authority, gaming and TV/movies, knowing God’s will and education. The chapters start with the question, ‘What does the Bible say about…?’ This leads immediately into a passage of Scripture. The author then explains how the Scripture cited relates to the question at hand.

There follows a Scripture-based discussion about the topic and why it is important to have a good knowledge of biblical principles in order to think these things through.

In each chapter, the author follows an initial discussion with a section marked ‘Bible’, ‘Think’ and ‘Ask’. These challenge the reader to think about the biblical principles that can be related to each topic. Each chapter finishes with a prayer and Scripture verses and a blank page for the reader to document their ‘action plan’.

This is an excellent book, useful for small group study in youth groups, as well as Bible classes. It would also profit family devotions and individual reading. It is short enough to appeal to teenagers, but detailed enough to give them the armoury they need to make wise decisions in their life choices.

Jacqueline Pountney


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